Holistic massage

Holistic Massage is an individualized treatment specifically tailored to each client. Anwar treats the client as a whole, taking into account the preferences, personality and emotional state of those he works with, as well as the physical body.


Remedial acupuncture

Remedial Acupuncture is an increasingly popular modality for working with pain, due to its clinically proven effectiveness with neuralgia and myalgia.


Somatic bodywork

It is important to recognize that the body holds the scars of any trauma. Just as the body was integral to the trauma, it is also integral to the healing process.


Somatic counselling

Our bodies are storytellers. When we learn to read the stories we hold, we can often find our way through suffering, pain, and illness. Our bodies can show us the way to let go of old beliefs and traumas that hold us back.

An intelligent approach, compassionate touch & a caring presence,

Release trauma from your body, Start a new story.

When we stop and notice the stories our bodies hold, we can often move beyond unnecessary suffering, pain and illness.