Anwar Ravjani of Embodiment Works is a highly respected multi-disciplinary therapist

“As soon as he walks into the room, your body already starts to unwind in his gentle healing presence…It’s  the most relaxing transformative experience”

Michele Neubert  

TV News Producer NBC

Why choose Anwar?

My journey into holistic therapies started with a personal quest of healing and spiritual seeking. I started with meditation and mindfulness disciplines, in the form of long meditation retreats in my early 20’s, and then a passion for bodywork opened up as I travelled, seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

I was fascinated by the variety of styles of massage birthed from different cultures and traditions. I studied shiatsu, reflexology, Thai massage, ayurvedic acupressure massage, various forms of abdominal massage, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, Hawaiian lomi lomi techniques, muscle rebalancing, physiotherapy techniques and many more body centred therapies. If I was intrigued by a teacher or technique I would certainly track them down to quench my thirst for learning.

For chronic pain conditions which required nerve and muscle rehabilitation, I found that acupuncture could really speed up the healing process, so I trained as an acupuncturist with 6 months intensive clinic training in mobile pain clinics in India.

The next branch of my training was in neuro-linguistic programming and holistic counselling.  I became curious about how the body holds onto and expresses emotions in its physical structure. I knew this was true from years of working with bodies but I needed to study patterns of emotional holding so that I could take my work with clients even deeper.

My extensive training in bodywork put me at an advantage for working with body based counselling and psychotherapy techniques, such as somatic awareness techniques. I very quickly gained a reputation for somatic based counselling. I work with clients, often referred by psychotherapists.  I support the process of regulating emotional intensity, and releasing emotional holding patterns so that they can feel safe in their body’s, assert healthy boundaries and then feel safer in the world.

So, I have three distinct but interconnected areas in my work. The simple joy of bodywork, for those who love massage, each session is intuitively crafted to help ground you in your body. There is the pain relief aspect, I love the technical aspect of realigning the body and calming muscles and nerves to alleviate pain. And then the final piece, the joy and mystery of the conscious and unconscious mind, expressed in words and held in the body. Each modality is a support for insight and healing.

I have had the privilege of working with a wide range of clients over the years, from celebrities, fashion designers, politicians, members of Royal families, top CEO’s, billionaires and remarkable people from all walks of life. What I find is that each person is unique and has a uniquely personal path towards emotional integration. A good life is one in which we are in a health, honest, relationship with ourselves. My job is to help people on that journey.


I abide by codes of professional conduct as a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and my insurers are Holistic Insurance Services. I am committed to continual professional development.

How it works.

My multi-disciplinary background allows me to be dynamic and responsive to a client’s needs. This possibility of movement between disciplines puts me in a unique position to be able to find the right treatment combination to match the needs of individual clients.

I’m passionate about working with the whole person: mind, body and spirit. My work is a subtle weaving of different techniques and modalities. Generally people who like my work have a keen interest in personal development, or they may simply be passionate about bodywork, or have chronic pain or deep emotional response patterns, such as trauma, anxiety or unexplained symptoms. Some people come just for the bodywork, and some come for a more therapeutically integrated experience in which we work with all the layers of holding.

A session can be a counselling based session which involves talking and body awareness exercises, or if we are working with physical pain we can work with the structure of the body, relaxing and re-balancing muscles, or we can explore psychosomatic elements of chronic conditions. I work with clients to help facilitate change with whatever they need and wherever they find themselves.

Helping you to achieve your goals.

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