Anwar Ravjani of Embodiment Works is a highly respected multi-disciplinary therapist

“As soon as he walks into the room, your body already starts to unwind in his gentle healing presence…It’s  the most relaxing transformative experience”

Michele Neubert  

TV News Producer NBC

Why choose Anwar?

Anwar’s journey as a therapist is grounded in 20 years of meditation and mindfulness practice.

Intrigued by the idea of working mindfully with the body he studied a variety of bodywork traditions including shiatsu, reflexology, Thai massage, ayurvedic acupressure massage, Lomi Lomi, abdominal massage, deep tissue work, lymphatic drainage, muscle rebalancing and physiotherapy techniques.

After a number of years working hands on, Anwar spent some years training as a Homeopath, a Reiki Master and shamanic healer. This curiosity lead to the study of Acupuncture, where he specialised in working with chronic and acute pain.

After a period of working in pain clinics Anwar became intrigued by emotional and somatic holding patterns which often present alongside painful conditions.  This interest lead to the study of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis techniques and most recently somatic-centred counselling.

Anwar’s broad training in mindfulness, bodywork, energy medicine and neuo-linguistic therapies means that he has a cutting-edge skill set for working with body-based counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques. This inter-disciplinary approach has enabled profound results with complex physical and psychological trauma and has earned him a reputation within the field.

Anwar works from London and internationally, as well as offering online somatic counselling sessions.


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Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

Member of The Complementary Therapies Association (CThA)


How it works.

Anwar’s multi-disciplinary learnings allows him to respond fully to client’s specific needs. The fluidity of movement is a subtle weaving of different techniques and modalities across all the disciplines putting him in a unique position to be able to find the right treatment combination to match the needs of individual person so it works with the whole person – in mind, body and spirit

Generally people who like his work have a keen interest in personal development – they may simply be passionate about bodywork, or have chronic pain or deep emotional response patterns, such as trauma, anxiety or unexplained symptoms. Some people come just for the bodywork, and some come for a more therapeutically integrated experience in which Anwar works with all the layers of holding.

A session can be a counselling based session which involves talking and body awareness exercises, when working with physical pain Anwar works with the structure of the body, relaxing and re-balancing muscles, or he explores psychosomatic elements of chronic conditions. Whatever is needed Anwar works with clients to help facilitate change however and wherever they find themselves.

Helping you to achieve your goals.

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