Bridget Harrison - The Times

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“…In the flesh, Anwar, is one of those softly spoken, ethereal guys on to whom you immediately want to unload all your problems. As you lie on his massage table, he explains that even if he can get you to focus wholly and completely on his touch for just a few seconds it will be profoundly beneficial. You will have experienced what it is like to be truly in the moment and connected to your body.”

Bridget Harrison, The Times

Hoffman Process UK

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…..“I booked a home session with Anwar Ravjani, whose bespoke treatments are renowned for helping to restore a sense of balance to mind and body. In fact, so devoted to his unique de-stressing methods is his clientele that many of his regulars jet him out to knead their knotted muscles when they’re travelling for business or on a break abroad.”…..

Trish Lesslie, The resident

Health Magazine

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Enhance your breathing experience with an abdominal massage:

“Abdominal massage helps relax and open up muscles in the abdominal cavity, allowing for fuller, deeper and more open breaths,” says Anwar Ravjani ….“When that knot is massaged away our body releases tension – we feel a sense of release, our emotions release and we often feel a sense of being at ease in our own bodies. There is no clearer example of how the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind.”

Dr. Lucy Mathen - Founder of Second Sight

Embodiment Works lucy

“I went to Anwar when I was in severe pain from an inflamed nerve causing lower back and thigh pain resulting in sleepless nights and untouched by medication (and I am a doctor!) I had a combination of acupuncture and deep massage and stretches which did the trick. Later I developed upper back and shoulder pain (one injury almost always leads to overuse/misuse of other muscles) and returned to him. Just returned. Feeling great. A gentle therapist with a suitably strong massage-style coupled with an easy and welcoming manner.”

Michele Neubert – TV News Producer NBC

Embodiment Works Michele

Having a massage with Anwar is like no other massage I’ve  ever experienced.  As soon as he walks into the room, your body already starts to unwind in his gentle healing presence. As soon as  Anwar  instinctively homes in on areas you didn’t even realize were harbouring  stresses and tension,  your body and more importantly your mind  just melts.  It’s  the most relaxing transformative experience,  where the uptight  everyday  you doesn’t stand a chance in his remarkable restorative hands.  Everyone needs an Anwar in their life !

Alan Dolan - Breath Guru

Embodiment Works alan

“I’ve been working with Anwar for over five years now. He is without doubt my preferred bodyworker in the UK. I refer clients to Anwar on a regular basis not only because his technical skills are first class but also because I have 100% certainty that they will be in very good hands.

Anwar’s wealth of knowledge and expertise means that he can create a bespoke treatment for an individual client based upon what is occuring in their body on any given day. There is nothing scripted or run of the mill about his way of working. Each experience is unique and the outcomes are consistently terrific. Bingo ! Your search is over and you’ve found your man. Enjoy.”

Rafia Morgan - The Path of Love

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“In my experience Anwar is a master of touch. He obviously is very well trained and practiced so he has a tremendous resource of experience and skill which makes him relaxed and confident, but it is his presence and intuitive sensitivity rather than any technique or routine which guides the session. My body instinctively knows he will touch in exactly the right way, thus the relaxation and opening goes very deep. Highly recommended.”

Turiya Hanover - The Path of Love

Embodiment Works turiya Hanover

“Anwar ravjani combines an extraordinary sensitivity, warmth, and intuition. He has the ability to create a safe and spacious field and an easiness in relating with his clients. I certainly highly recommend having sessions with him. He is one of the best bodyworkers I have experienced in my long life. He has truly golden hands!”

Donna Lancaster - ‘The Bridge’ Healing Retreats

Embodiment Works Donna

“As soon as I met Anwar I felt safe and comfortable. He has lovely energy and is clearly a very skilled and intuitive massage therapist. He seemed to respond to my body’s needs intuitively and knew just the right places that needed most attention. Afterwards I felt relaxed, more open and in my heart. I have had a lot of treatments all over the world and Anwar is undoubtedly one of the best. Highly recommended.”

Erin Knowles - Lifestyle Curation

Embodiment Works Erin

“Anwar is easily one of the best masseurs I have ever worked with. His style is a wonderful hybrid of different techniques that words can’t really describe. He is very easy to ‘be’ with.”

Mirabai Devi - Spiritual Teacher

Embodiment Works devi

“Anwar has a remarkable healing touch which comes across as a direct result of his deep sensitivity and awareness of all levels of one’s being. His massages are amongst the best I’ve had all around the world.”

Rupda - Founder of ‘Divine meetings’

Embodiment Rupda

“Anwar, has healing hands, touch and presence… nurturing and rewarding to the soul, an experience worth having more than once!” ~

Rupda Founder, DivineMeetings