My clients range from athletes and dancers to professionals with sedentary lifestyles.  Chronic or acute pain can strike any of us at any time. Neck, jaw, back, hip, knee, shoulder and sciatica pain are the most common ailments I see but I work with a wide range of conditions.

Having trained in a number of bodywork disciplines, I can work in a versatile way, which allow me to achieve great results in short periods of time. I use sports massage and muscle rebalancing techniques coupled with Thai stretches and shiatsu style acupuressure. I also use traditional massage techniques I learned in India, remedial oils, deep tissue massage, cupping, acupuncture and somatic awareness techniques to help rebalance the body and alleviate pain.

I am sensitive to how the body responds and what techniques are likely to produce the best healing responses for a client. Pain has a global effect on the body so it’s important to rebalance the whole body when working with pain.

Emotional stress can also play a huge role in physical pain so calming down the whole body, rebalancing the muscles and resetting the nervous system with acupuncture or somatic bodywork can also be a useful tool when it’s called for.

In 2007 I spent 6 months working in pain clinics in India where we specialised in neuralgia and myalgia with electro-acupuncture therapy. We treated as many as 250 patients a day, 7 days a week. So I am skilled and experienced at working with chronic conditions as well as acute injuries.

I love a challenge, often people come to see me who have been everywhere else looking for pain relief, I enjoy complex problems. Often the solution to a complex problem is an intelligent, mutli-pronged approach.

“I went to Anwar when I was in severe pain from an inflamed nerve causing lower back and thigh pain resulting in sleepless nights and untouched by medication (and I am a doctor!)

I had a combination of acupuncture and deep massage and stretches which did the trick. Later I developed upper back and shoulder pain (one injury almost always leads to overuse/misuse of other muscles) and returned to him. Just returned. Feeling great. A gentle therapist with a suitably strong massage-style coupled with an easy and welcoming manner.”

Dr. Lucy Mathen

Medic /Author / Broadcaster


“His massage was wonderful- invigorating, powerful, but also sensitive and thoughtful…I would recommend him to athletes, dancers, yoga-goers and anyone in need of some embodied healing”

“Anwar really is fantastic at what he does- I came in tired, stressed and with a difficult body following tough dance rehearsal and old injuries playing up. He instantly made me feel comfortable, asking what I felt I needed, and he made me feel that I could tell him exactly what I needed. His massage was wonderful- invigorating, powerful, but also sensitive and thoughtful. I felt much better immediately afterwards, and the massage effects were still felt the next day- my muscles were less fatigued and sore, and I felt more energised. He is gifted and caring, and I would recommend him to athletes, dancers, yoga-goers and anyone in need of some embodied healing. I will be seeing him again, next time I’m performing in London.”

Rosie Kay, Artistic Director,

Rosie Kay Dance Company

“I had dramatic improvement of an acute hip injury after just one session”

I can not recommend Anwar highly enough! I had dramatic improvement of an acute hip injury after just one session, he was able to release the intense pain I was having, accelerating the healing process, bringing back my range of motion and strength. Now he is my go to man if I need anything to be fixed!!
LoLo Lam
Yoga Teacher

Helps Release your pain

Through somatic bodywork, acupuncture and/or holistic massage, Anwar Ravjani will help you resolve old beliefs and holding patterns which can be expressed in the body as discomfort and pain.

Send me an email with a few words about what you are looking to achieve and we can schedule a FREE initial telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

Pain Relief Therapy Pricing

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