Transformational Breath meditation is a breathing practice and technique that allows you to fully open up to your breath and has great healing potential. When we are stressed our breathing patterns become restricted. Breathing exercises can help to transform emotional holding patterns in the body and can be a life changing vehicle to inhabit your body differently.

I work together with some of the top Breath therapists around the world helping clients to open up restricted patterns in their bodies through massage and specifically abdominal massage.

I have worked with abdominal massage through a number of different pathways. As a shiatsu practitioner I learned to do Hara (abdominal) diagnosis by palpating the different areas of the abdomen which represent different organs.

In my acupuncture training we learned Chi nei tsang which is a Chinese abdominal massage modality for detoxing and rebalancing the organs.  When I was travelling in Mexico I learned Mayan abdominal massage techniques, which is a beautiful, gentle flowing technique to reduce stress and rebalance the body.

My work is a hybrid of these styles of abdominal massage. There are great benefits from abdominal massage, you can work on the whole body through the abdominal pressure points, you can stimulate the organs and relax the fascia around them so that they are healthy and can function optimally.

You can calm the nervous system by relaxing the solar plexus which is a giant bundle of nerves underneath the sternum and this has a profound effect of relaxing the entire body and all it’s systems. There is a great skill to working in the abdominal region of the body because the body is naturally very protective and there has to be a lot of trust between a practitioner and a client to do this work. When it is done right it is a powerful resource for healing.

“He is without doubt my preferred bodyworker in the UK”

“I’ve been working with Anwar for over five years now. He is without doubt my preferred bodyworker in the UK. I refer clients to Anwar on a regular basis not only because his technical skills are first class but also because I have 100% certainty that they will be in very good hands.

Anwar’s wealth of knowledge and expertise means that he can create a bespoke treatment for an individual client based upon what is occuring in their body on any given day. There is nothing scripted or run of the mill about his way of working. Each experience is unique and the outcomes are consistently terrific. Bingo ! Your search is over and you’ve found your man. Enjoy.”

Transformational Breath: Breath Guru

Alan Dolan

“You have heard of the horse whisperer? Anwar is the body whisperer”

“You have heard of the horse whisperer? Anwar is the body whisperer. With heart in hands he draws intuitively upon the many disciplines he has mastered to whisper the body into a heightened state of receptivity, of balance, of elasticity, of relaxed peacefulness. Releasing blocked energy, manipulating pressure points, massaging tissue and muscle, his conversation with the body is eloquent and evocative. (Amazing work! Thank you, Anwar.”)

Timothy Ernster

Helps release what is holding you back.

Through somatic bodywork, counselling, and acupuncture, Anwar Ravjani will help you release stuck holding patterns which cause physical and emotional pain.

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