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A comment I often hear regarding my style of bodywork is ‘I’ve never had a massage like that before, I wouldn’t even know how to describe it’. This is because I bring so many influences into my work, which means each session has something of a unique experience in it.

If you like bodywork and are looking for a practitioner to support your wellness routine, then you will probably like my work. My regular clients range from athletes to people who suffer from chronic pain or people who just need to decompress because they lead demanding lifestyles.

Common areas where people encounter pain are; the neck, the back, shoulders, hips, sciatic pain as well as sports injuries. Having trained in a number of bodywork techniques, I can work in a versatile way.

I use sports massage techniques coupled with Thai and Shiatsu styles of working with a lomi lomi influence. I like to work slowly through muscle structures so that I work with what the body allows rather than forcing the body into a shape. I also use traditional massage techniques I learned in India. I use a blend of organic oils to create the perfect medium to work with and I use deep tissue massage and reverse pressure techniques with acupuncture when necessary.

I am intuitive in my way of working, I trust my intuition will delve into my experience and training to bring forward the right way of working with who you are.

Embodiment Bodywork

Co Creator of ‘The Path of Love’ Global Retreats:

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“In my experience Anwar is a master of touch”

“In my experience Anwar is a master of touch. He obviously is very well trained and practiced so he has a tremendous resource of experience and skill which makes him relaxed and confident, but it is his presence and intuitive sensitivity rather than any technique or routine which guides the session. My body instinctively knows he will touch in exactly the right way, thus the relaxation and opening goes very deep. Highly recommended.”

His massages are amongst the best I’ve had all around the world.”

” has a remarkable healing touch which comes across as a direct result of his deep sensitivity and awareness of all levels of one’s being. His massages are amongst the best I’ve had all around the world.”

Helps Release your pain

Through somatic bodywork, acupuncture and/or holistic massage, Anwar Ravjani will help you resolve old beliefs and holding patterns which can be expressed in the body as discomfort and pain.

Send me an email with a few words about what you are looking to achieve and we can schedule a FREE initial telephone consultation to discuss your needs.


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