It is important to recognize that the body holds the scars of any trauma. Just as the body was integral to the trauma, it is also integral to the healing process.

Somatic bodywork is a combination of somatic counselling, therapeutic touch and muscle tension awareness techniques to assist a client in noticing how they are inhabiting their bodies. Sometimes we have an idea that we are relaxed but it’s only when we really notice the tension in our muscles that we notice that we are not relaxed at all. This approach to bodywork is gentle and is similar to a body meditation exercise.

For some clients, after years of talking therapy, there comes a time when they need and want to reclaim their body and find their way back to wholeness.  For instance, many people who have experienced some form of sexual abuse use ‘talking therapies’ such as psychotherapy to support their healing and find embodiment massage pivotal in supporting them in the process and help re-frame the psychological effects of abuse.

I provide a safe and nurturing space to facilitate such a process.  I work intuitively with the body whilst also listening to and being guided by the needs of the client, which supports a person to determine and own their own boundaries.

Using the appropriate level of touch for each individual, I intuitively sense what pressure to use and when and where to touch. I also use gentle, affirming words at key moments to help the client ‘return to their body’ and asks for feedback along the way so clients feel they truly have ownership of their own bodies.

By gently and lovingly supporting individuals in reclaiming their body, within the spirit of trust, they create healthy boundaries and empowerment.  In doing so a client can learn that touch can once again be a positive and pleasurable experience.

I am a trained counsellor and have gained my counselling qualification from the Working with People School where I have assisted and facilitated personal transformation workshops.

My extensive bodywork experience plus my counselling training and personal daily meditation practice gives me a rare edge in Somatic bodywork practice.

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“Anwar ravjani combines an extraordinary sensitivity, warmth, and intuition. He has the ability to create a safe and spacious field and an easiness in relating with his clients. I certainly highly recommend having sessions with him. He is one of the best bodyworkers I have experienced in my long life. He has truly golden hands!”

Co Creator of the Path of Love and the Working with People School:

Turiya Hanover


“As soon as I met Anwar I felt safe and comfortable. He has lovely energy and is clearly a very skilled and intuitive massage therapist. He seemed to respond to my body’s needs intuitively and knew just the right places that needed most attention. Afterwards I felt relaxed, more open and in my heart. I have had a lot of treatments all over the world and Anwar is undoubtedly one of the best. Highly recommended.”

Helps Release your pain

Through somatic bodywork, acupuncture and/or holistic massage, Anwar Ravjani will help you resolve old beliefs and holding patterns which can be expressed in the body as discomfort and pain.

Send me an email with a few words about what you are looking to achieve and we can schedule a FREE initial telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

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